June 22, 2013

Send It Over Sears!!!

*This post was sponsored by The Niche Mommy Network & Conference- but sentiments are totally BB.

Ok, ever had the most wonderful opportunity/fiesta/event just pop into your life and not know what to wear for it???  JU SO FONII  Ok, you men out there- BB knows it's happened to you too!!  Bueno, Babushka just got the most incredible invite from Ford to attend an event they're sponsoring next week in Michigan, and of course I must find something new to wear right? Verdad.

It so happens my friends at The Niche Mommy Network asked me to write about the Sears Marketplace and their Newest Arrivals. Now how perfecto did the S Sisters get this one?!?!??

This is the "official" scenario they sent us:

One of the most discouraging feelings is finding something you love in the store, but only to realize someone snatched the last one in your size (we all can’t be size-stealing ninjas)! Lucky for you, Sears has expanded its website and it is now exponentially larger than the stores! Sears.com carries more sizes and colors than you’d find at your local Sears! You could even discover the same style in a color you like more! We know what you’re thinking: “But I wanted to wear it this weekend!” Have no fear, you can buy it online and schedule an in store pickup. Sears guarantees to have your item ready in 5 minutes or less, or you’ll get a $5 in store coupon. So turn that frown upside down and visit Sears.com to pick up what you want! http://bit.ly/11aMfxu

In addition to having more colors and sizes on the website, Sears carries more brands and styles than they do in the store! Sears has stepped up their game with brands you’d never think you’d find on Sears.com. A few examples include: Ray Ban, Michael Kors, DeWalt Tools, Steve Madden, Nike, Vince Camuto, Tory Burch … the list goes on! Along with your favorite Sears brands, you can treat yourself to a few luxury designers without having to open another tab on your browser! http://bit.ly/11aMfxu
All very feasible and good, pero since Babushka is all about keeping it real, my nearest Sears is an hour away, y we all know BB doesn't do heat nor frustration (which is the drive and then not finding something I like or in my size) soooooo I go straight to the source. 
I mean seriously, don't these just scream "Babushka, order, order!!"
and the $5 in store coupon guarantee???
Oh my and Oh yeah- Wow and Woah.
Sweetie, ya better hide that Visa Card.
; )
Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.
P.S.  For those who didn't see it at the top-
*This post was sponsored by The Niche Mommy Network & Conference- but sentiments are totally BB.

June 18, 2013


HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!

And the giving in June continues with this fabuloso giveaway for $200.


Por supuesto BB is still celebrating the month, especially since Babushka loves sharing and dancing with y'all.  

The June Extreme Cash Giveaway will be bailando for four weeks which means you’ll have lots of time to complete any entries that you choose to do. Remember, all entries are OPTIONAL- OPCIONAL. As always, there will be daily entries that you can do as well, so bookmark this page and come back everyday for more chances to win!
A huge thanks to our Bellas, co-hosts who made this giveaway possible: Oh My Gosh Beck!Lush to BlushThe Penny Hoarder and Military Wives Saving
Giveaway is open worldwide and ends July 14th  at 11:59 PM EST. 

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Buena Suerte My Beautifuls!!

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

June 16, 2013

Proud Portrait of a Padre- My Son. Who'd of Thunk It??

How do you tell the greatness of a man? 

By how proud and surprised his mother is.  


If you've lived through your son's Puberty  ::shudder::  you'll agree w/Babushka 100%!!

First, you have this little handful

Who quickly turns into a bigger handful.

Then in a blink of a heartbeat has his own little handfuls.

Who are quickly turning into bigger handfuls.

"Small boys become big men through the influence of big men who care about small boys."~Anon

Bueno mijo lindo, don't know where you got your influence from, but I know your sons will be Big Men.

Gracias for sharing your love and helping raise sons whose portraits you too will share with pride.

Happy Father's Day

And to all of you Beautifuls, may today be a day of happy memories.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  To clarify the title- JU SO FONII !!!  
It's not that I ever doubted my son's parenting capabilities, 
it's the fact that he's actually old enough to do it that boogles BB.  

June 14, 2013

Gain Giveaway

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

June, the month BB dances & bestows gifts to family, so since y'all are my Blog Family I must do extra giveaways don't you think???

Here's a great one by my friend Myrah.  Now, Ms. Myrah is an overachiever; she has 2 main blogs. En Español it's MamacitaLaCuponera and in English it's CouponMamacita dos-two EXCELENTE sites dedicated to coupons & saving money.  Well lookey there- mira pa' eso, even in sites Babushka loves her twofers!!  ; )

Following this is her exact post in Spanish.  For those of us who live easier in English, basically she's writes how Dr. Alan Hirsch, an expert on aromas and founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation has joined forces with Gain.  His research shows where aromas can change our mood and even effect how we act.  Examples of areas and the aromas that are associated with them:

Aggression- Bad Odors
Positive- Food/Comfort Food Smells
Learning- Floral Smells
Anxiety-  Reduced by Lavender
Alertness- Mint & Citric aromas provoke this

He then goes on to say that our sense of smell is sharper in the morning when we first awake and when we're hungry.  heje  No wonder Babushka has such a great sense of smell!

Bueno, here's her post and right afterwards the Raffle copter. 


Cuantas de nosotras tenemos Insuficiencia de Aroma en nuestras vidas?

Les cuento que uno de los mejores aromas en mi hogar es el de Gain®, y en esta oportunidad Gain se ha unido al Dr. Alan Hirsch, que es un experto en Aromas, la cual tiene la Fundación para el Tratamiento y la Investigación de los Desórdenes del Olfato y el Gusto.
El Dr. Alan Hirsch nos dice que en la punta de nuestras narices existe un universo amplio en donde el cual, cada olor esta en nuestro alrededor, podrá cambiar nuestro humor y tendrá influencia sobre nuestros comportamientos. Los efectos del aroma que influye sobre nosotras podrían ser los siguiente:
  • Agresión: los malos olores.
  • Positiva: los olores de la comida.
  • Aprendizaje: los aromas florales.
  • Ansiedad: la reduce el aroma de lavanda.
  • Alerta: aroma de menta y cítricos.
Creo que nosotras como latinas, nos encanta sentir que nuestras ropas y tengan un verdadero aroma a frescura, y la cual desde que yo conozco a Gain más nunca ha faltado en mi hogar, yo he comprobado que una taza de medida de Gain en Polvo, supera a cualquier otro detergente de ropa. Si quieres verificar los olores con el sentido del olfato, el Dr. Alan Hirsch recomienda no tener ningún resfriado, el sentido es más agudo cuando despiertas temprano en la mañana, o cuando tengas hambre, ya que cuando haz comido mucho no se desarrolla ese sentido; y por último siempre evita los olores fuertes como la cebolla o el amoniaco, ya que no podrás desarrollar bien tu sentido del olor para ese momento.
Quieres aprender más sobre todas las fragancias que tiene Gain?? Sólo tienes que visitarlos en www.yoamogain.com o también puedes localizarlos en Facebook y Twitter.
Una de las fans de Mamacita La Cuponera tendrá la oportunidad de probar los productos GAIN!! La ganadora en este Sorteo ganará UN Año de Productos Gain!!
El Sorteo termina el 18 de Junio a las 11:59pm, disponible a los residentes de US, sólo pueden participar mayores de 18. Te invito a participar! Sólo necesitas llenar el Rafflecopter aquí debajo!

Rafflecopter Translation:

1)       Go to Gain site & tell me what's your fav aroma.
2-6)    In English
7)       "Like" the post
8)       Share Giveaway using post buttons
9-13)   In English
14-17) Pinterest Follow

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Best of Luck My Beautifuls!!


p.s. Prizes will for forwarded by sponsor- BB just shares the good news.

June 12, 2013


HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

This is my ode/mental calendar/mental breakdown for June. Quee?? It's such a nice month says you?? JU SO FONII !!! The locura of the holiday season is nothing compared to my Junes.  At least Thanksgiving, Noche Buena/Christmas, New Years and Reyes have sales, and nicer cooler weather, not to mention at least a week between each other.  June for BB is Fuacata! Constant motion for Babushka.

Junio, the month of commencements- as in graduations, and the beginning of summer.  This is the month that sets the tone, is the point of speculation for the rest of the season.  This is the month where suntan lotion sales & bug repellants get their boost. Depending what the days of June bring is what we will buy/look forward to during verano.  And then there are those of us who live in Miami and have to buy the combo lotion... and stock in the local electric company.

Graduations, weddings, summer vacations.  Ok si, BB hears y'all say everyone's Junes have that, pero My Beautifuls, the powers that be decided vacations in June for Babushka were not to be.  Y'all ready for the Baile of Junio??  ::breathing deeply & at full lung capacity::  Aqui vamos! Here we go!!

Pre K/Kindergarten

The 4 grandbabies are one year apart in graduations, so con el favor de Dios, this will be a perpetual happening.

June 6

My Eldest & El Dr. 

The first round of birthdays.

Si, both mother and son share the same date- what are the odds?  
My Eldest jokes that she wanted to make sure no one forgot her birthday.  

June 13
although her papers say 10/2

June 19




He's not into being photographed, nor being in the blog, but I'm grateful for My Viejo just the same.

And there My Beautifuls is BB's June.
Hectic isn't it??  But then again, it's full of dates I'm so very happy to celebrate.

And at least I get 6 months to rest till the next round of celebrations...

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidate.

P.S.  My niece's bday is on the 16th, but she's a newlywed, to someone in the armed forces, and I don't know if she wants her pics shown. 
So I'll just say HappyHappy 2 UUUUU here.

P.P.S.  For those of you wondering about the title, as per my last post, Babushka's trying to monetize/professionalize (is that a word) her blog. 
Hopefully you'll be seeing that hashtag-#JUSOFONII  All over!!  Y BTW y'all are welcome to use it too!

June 08, 2013

Gotta buy a caseload of Dr. Scholl's...

Photo from: http://www.bravobride.com/blog/tired-feet/

BB was cleaning house until 2:00 a.m.   Quee??  JU SO FONII!! Now y'all KNOW it wasn't literally right?  Ok si, kinda sorta.  This blog is my house, my home, and  I agreed it was time to do some Spring Cleaning here. On the top you'll see actual groupings, not the individual stories just floating around. Of course I had to repost them as posts in order to then get them together as categories, and losing the comments in the meanwhile... proof once again that cleaning- of ANY kind is not Babushka's thing.

They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Bueno, seems like Babushka is supposed to start dancing hard y pa' largo rato, cause I had two great marketing maestras offer to help get me ready for professional ballroom bloggingAs everyone knows, BB does a beautiful impression of Bambi looking at headlights whenever something techie is expected of me, and in this era you really must learn the platforms; it's no longer just typing away.  Thankfully I learned many years ago that to truly comprehend something you need to go to the most basic level, and here my dear friend Helena Osorio-Zavala was the perfect first touch. As an accomplished blogger herself, she knew exactly what I was thinking and apprehensive about PLUS she has worked production with/for brands for years, and to know their mind set is always a good thing.  How many ideas and questions she had!  My head hadn't seen that much smoke since I gave up cigarros!!  GREAT session and starting point.  She showed me where to clean up and organize in order to pursue the projects I had in mind.

And Oh My Beautifuls- does Babushka have lots of projects in mind!!  A monthly Tweety Chat, collaborating with some Groovy Grandmas, and an exercise video.  Si, an exercise video.  With heels, café and water spritzer. You're gonna love it!  But first, to conquer the world of  Google & sponsorship I needed someone totally immersed in that world and the S Sisters y los angelitos brought her to me. 

I had met Cynthia K.Seymour at a SMCSF meeting; she was on a panel of Google experts and could hardly contain her enthusiasm for Google+. Fast forward 8 months to BB trying to update her Blogger by adding the Google+ comments and my own domain name.  Was that a collective ooohhhhh I heard? Si, I have a domain that I can't sign into and comments I can't reply to. AUXILIO!! SOS!! Guess she could sense the desperation over the net and graciously offered to help me with my Google problems. Of course my first problem was being scared to death of Google. It was too much like wordpress- too many options/choices/bells&whistles.  BB's a give it to me straight and simple kinda gal. I was all ready to start the eye glazing, but she is so sincere in her love of Google + Power that you can't help but jump right into the water with her.  Of course she knew Babushka's fear and took me into the kiddie pool first.  What was supposed to be a one hour help turned into a 2.5 hour BBfest, with dream sponsors,plans, strategies and how to use Google+ to achieve my wishes.  Google+, the great genie of my lamp- now all Babushka had to do was rub. Hard.

And this is why I was cleaning until 2:00 a.m.  

Si, a caseload of Dr. Scholl's for this dancer.


You think they'd sponsor BB??

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

My 1st Bilingual Book: Food - A Giveaway

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!

Another EXCELENTE Giveaway by my friend Paula of Growing Up Bilingual.

Don't know where she gets these prizes, but aren't they all buenisimo??

Also buenisimo are her posts, and since I'm not one to mess w/things if they ain't broke, here's her post.

My first bilingual book

Mi Primer Libro de Cocina Bilingüe: La Comida / My First Bilingual Book: Food is a wonderful book for learning new words in Spanish or English while and have fun while doing it by using the new words to read recipes and cook together as a family.

The book is organized in 3 main sections : La Comida/Food, ¡Vamos a Cocinar!/ Let’s Cook! And Recetas / Recipes.

Most children learn best by doing and this book is just ideal as a tool for learning Spanish as it combines the instruction with hands on activities. With Mi Primer Libro de Cocina Bilingüe: La Comida / My First Bilingual Book: Food kids have fun learning the new words and how to use them in phrases and finally helping in the kitchen preparing simple, kid friendly meals that let them practice those newly learned vocabulary words and phrases.

The illustrations are colorful, fun and engaging and captured their attention making the whole learning process enjoyable. The author Mar Andres Thomas is an expert in second language acquisition and her extensive experience in teaching Spanish to children of all ages really comes through in the way that this book is organized and presented. The layout is clean and makes this book easy to understand even for smaller kids. The book also provides some fun games to reinforce the vocabulary words. I love the way it is organized making the learning process very natural.

Mi primer libro bilingue

To learn more about Mi Primer Libro de Cocina Bilingüe: La Comida / My First Bilingual Book: Food you can visit the author’s website LearnSpanishFastForKids.com and like Mar Andres Thomas on Fecebook.


Win a copy of Mar Andrés Thoma’s book : Mi Primer Libro de Cocina Bilingüe: La Comida / My First Bilingual Book: Food. This giveaway is open to US residents 18 and up. The giveaway ends 6/18/2013 at 11:59pm. Please enter for your chance to win by following the in the Raffelcopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't know where she gets these prizes, but aren't they all buenisimo??

Go ahead, enter, enjoy, and if you can't wait to win I'm sure the author wouldn't mind you buying it directly.

; )


We Are. written in college, many,many moons ago


I am the product of two cultures. 
I like to think of myself as the perfect mix of both
the point of harmony between beliefs.
And yet ...

They've labeled me "Cuban-American".
And like the hyphen in this supposedly single phrase,
I see the separation, feel the distinction. 

I am not truly part of either.
For some I will always be a "minority",
Despite my education and place of birth.

I cannot - nor will I - hide my heritage,
and so I return to "my people".
And yet ...

I find open arms of welcome,
But the blood that we share is too thin;
We are the same, but not one. 

Lost to me is the history of my parents' homeland.
I feel no tie to a forbidden land, 
or to relatives I will never know.
Why should I continually mourn the past? 
My life, my future, is in the present. 
Across the water is a nightmare, a constant bad dream;
And I am not Don Quixote. 

I cannot relate to the time before "El Exilio",
A time which seems almost mythical in its perfection.
For me it is just the melancholy ramblings of the old.
And yet ... 

I sometimes ache with need,
the need to forget my Anglo teachings 
and surroundings.
To be able to join my elders in their fond memories.
To be able to go back in time and space,
Erasing my patronizing smile 
and exchanging it with a sense of knowledge.
The knowledge of who I am and to whom I belong. 

However, no matter how sincere this longing may be,
I cannot - nor will I - discard my nationality.

I will always be a guest in both worlds,
Outwardly welcomed, but secretly hoped that 
I will not overstay my visit.
And yet ... 

I am content with my life;
My destiny is not distasteful.
I am part of a new breed. 

Our speech is sprinkled with both languages,
Switching randomly between both 
until we find the "perfect" word. 
Our food is international cuisine - 
for breakfast we have café con leche with a bagel,
Lunch consists of Diet Pepsi and a media noche,
Macaroni and cheese is inconceivable 
without plátanos maduros. 

Our holidays are plentiful - 
December 24 is Noche Buena, 
December 25 is Christmas, 
and we celebrate Reyes Magos on January 6. 

And though we do not belong to Cubans or Americans,
We belong to each other ...
We are not "ellos";
We are not "them". 

We are.

Sonia Guerra

Una Familia Pa' Ford A Contest Winner Orig. 5/24/12

** NOTA- El idioma natal de la Babushka es el Spanglish, por lo tanto le pido disculpa si leen alguna metida de pata.  Con sangre de Mambi, y alma de venturera , pa' lante con mi cuento voy.

 Actualmente mi carrito lindo, "Stan the Man"- un Ford Taurus del 1999, se ha portado como todo un caballero y a la vez, se diria en buen Cubano, "trabajando como un caballo".  Con mas de 140,000 millas, sobreviviendo algunos choquesitos y varios choferes teenagers  ::escalofrios:: , Stan ha tenido una carrera distinguida y merece su descanso.  Por supuesto no puede ser cualquier carro para replacer a Stan. Despues de tantos años sirviendo bien mi familia, sabemos que la unica marca de automobiles para nosotros es la Ford y felizmente fui introducida al Fusion por los representantes encantadores de Ford en Hispanicize 2012.

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Babushka es parte de TWAM, una compañia de actores que viajen  el estado interpretando escenas clásicas  y participando en reacciones historicas.  Por lo tanto, BB necesita un nuevo caballo que no come mucho, es fuerte, y lindo con caché.  Leyendo sobre el Ford Fusion creo que este seria mi proximo carro.  Lo "lindo con caché" es óbvio, ahora vamos a ver que dice Ford sobre los otros requisitos. Usaré las palabras exactas de Ford para dar mi diccionario de Ingles/Español un breakesito (descanso).

(No come mucho)

El nuevo Ford Fusion es el primer sedán en ofrecer opciones en sistemas de propulsión de gasolina, híbrido y plug-in, cada uno con la máxima economía de combustible esperada

Como soy Americana y Cubana, yo se que lo mejor son las mezclas, por lo tanto el Ford Fusion Hybrid es pa' mi.

Hybrid /Electric Ford Fusion Hybrid 41 city/36 hwy

Los numeros son bilingue. No hace falta traducir verdad?

Solamente un carro con fuerza puede ofrecer todo lo siguiente:

SYNC® con MyFord Touch® disponible te permite mantener las manos en el volante y la vista en la carretera mientras reproduces tu música favorita, controlas la temperatura del interior del vehículo, haces o recibes llamadas telefónicas y obtienes indicaciones paso a paso*. SYNC® Services disponible brinda alertas de tráfico, 911 Assist®, Reporte del Funcionamiento del Vehículo y más.

 ESO!!!  Tal vez con esto a Mi Chiquitica no le da tantos atáques cuando cambio estaciones pa' bailar.

Sistema para Mantenerse en el Carril- La asistencia para mantenerse en el carril aplica torsión activamente, que te alerta para que dirijas el vehículo al carril apropiado si el sistema detecta una salida del carril no deliberada.

BUENISIMO!! A veces estoy bailando con tanta alegria que el carro baila conmigo.

Control de Velocidad Adaptable y advertencia de colisión-Activa el control de velocidad adaptable disponible y funcionará como un control de velocidad normal, con una excepción. Cuando los sensores del control de velocidad adaptable detectan en base a la distancia preconfigurada que el tráfico delante de ti disminuye la velocidad, tu vehículo también lo hace.

COMO ME HACE FALTA!!  Esos viajes largo de local a local para actuaciones y los viajes de Tallahassee a Miami para visitar la familia, para esto el Control de Velocidad seria genial.


No, pa' que tu veas, felizmente la adverténcia de Colision no me hace tanto falta.
De veras.

Parece que el 2013 Ford Fusion pasó todos los requisitos- no creen?

Oh si.  Mi carro tiene que ser un reflejo de mi vida.
En grande, con pasion, y con todo o na'
ESO es mi vida y para mi y mi familia
ESO es la Ford.

Babushka Besos a Todos.  Cuidensen.

Pssssttt... Ford.  Ya se dieron cuenta que La Babushka escojeria el Fusion Hybrid, pero como el titulo es "una familia pa' Ford" a Mi Chiquitica le gusta el Ford Fiesta. 
Just sayin'  ; )

Rinquincaya y PicaPica- Una Historia 2011

Había una vez dos hermanitos preciosos llamados Rinquincaya y PicaPica. El mayor, PicaPica, era un niño bello y precoz con ojos brillantes de picardía e inteligencia. El menor, Rinquincaya tenía una cara de ángel , alma de bailarín, y el carácter de un terremoto.

Un día, PicaPica se levanto de humor especial. Aunque era flaquito, teniendo 3 años le dio el título de “jefe” sobre su hermanito y ese día estaba dispuesto disfrutar de su autoridad. Cada vez que Rinquincaya quería algo, allí iba PicaPica a quitárselo. Juguete que cogía el chiquito, se lo quitaba el grande, comida que empezaba el pequeño, lo terminaba el mayor. Música que inspiraba un baile, música que se apagaba. La lava empezó a derrumbar, era troncudo pero no tonto, ya llego a su tope.

Calladito se fue al cuarto. Desde la sala se oía Rinquincaya buscando algo en la caja de juguetes. En realidad era el sonido del viento antes de la tempestad.

Contento que ya era el único entreteniendo los adultos, PicaPica comenzó a jugar con todo que dejo su hermano. De pronto, como un tornado, entro el chiquillo. Con un solo movimiento, silencioso pero serio y decisivo, Rinquincaya saco un bate y le dio un “swing” al hermano que hasta Babe Ruth le diría “señor’.

Satisfecho, el principito de los home runs se sentó en la sala a jugar, dejando a todos con las bocas abiertas. Felizmente el bate era de goma y el bateador de 18 meses, pero cumplió el propósito. Sobándose la sorpresa, su ego y su cabeza, PicaPica miraba con ojazos nuevos a su hermanito.

De lejitos cogió el “jefe” un carrito, y asegurándose que había bastante distancia entre los dos, se sentó en el piso con Rinquincaya en silencio el resto de la tarde.

El Cubano - Anon Author w/pic by artis Tony Mendoza

El Cubano no es infiel: pega los tarros.
El Cubano no se enamora: coge tremendo metío.
El Cubano no es pícaro: es candela.
El Cubano no es inteligente: es un filtro.
El Cubano no es niño: es fiñe.
El Cubano no es un experto: es un bárbaro, un salvaje, una fiera, un animal.
El Cubano no se baja: se apea.
El Cubano no te golpea: te rompe la siquitrilla.
El Cubano no es haragán: no dispara un chícharo.
El Cubano no piensa: mete moropo.
El Cubano no se equivoca: se enreda.
El Cubano no se muere: canta el manisero, guinda el piojo, estira la pata.
El Cubano no se enferma: se pone maluco.
El Cubano no pasa hambre: se jama un cable.
El Cubano no es pobre: esta en la fuácata, esta pelao.
El Cubano no esta delgado: es un güin, un esqueleto rumbero.
El Cubano no se vuelve loco: se desconchufla, se le cruzan los cables, le resbala la azotea, les patina el coco.
El Cubano no se cansa: se desguabina, se descuarejeringa, se desmondinga.
El Cubano no ignora a alguien: lo tira a mondongo.
El Cubano no es culto y lector: es una polilla.
El Cubano no dice “toca mal el piano”: dice “machaca las teclas”.
El Cubano no forma una confusión: forma un arroz con mango.
El Cubano no es ostentoso o pretencioso: se da lija.
El Cubano no conquista a una mujer: liga a una jeba.
El Cubano no dice “come despacio”: dice “respira, niño!”
El Cubano no tiene una novia delgada: la novia es un bacalao o un pestillo.
El Cubano no dice “me lo has puesto difícil”: dice “me la pusiste en China”.
El Cubano no te dice que hiciste algo excepcional: te dice “¡te la comiste!”